Wanderlust On Wheels- A Thorough Guide To Plan A Caravan Trip In India 

March 15, 2022

When we first saw the film Swadesh, the idea of traveling via caravan first came to the minds of most Indians. From buses to cars, suddenly, the caravan became a unique mode of travel for those who love road trips.  

A trip across India via caravan is a dream for many travelers. It gives the vibe of a bohemian lifestyle that many of us crave. Renting a camper van lets you see the beauty of offbeat places in a rustic and authentic way.  

Recently in the pandemic, most offbeat travelers have begun renting camper vans for a safe way to see the heritage of India via the roads.  

Camper vans give a feel of home even when you are on the roads.  

But how a camper van or caravan is better than cars for road trips? 

This question pops into the minds of many new travelers who are contemplating renting a caravan for a road trip.  

To put it clearly, a caravan is simply a motel on wheels. It is a motor vehicle that comes with the amenities such as a kitchen, washroom, and bed. Hence, instead of switching hotels and having the hassle of booking new ones for every destination, travelers can save money and live in the caravans throughout their road trips.  

So if you are thinking of going on a road trip via caravan in India, you need proper planning. Certain nuances of a caravanning trip must be kept in mind before you decide to rent a camper van.  

Here is a step-by-step guide for those who are planning a road trip via caravans : 

Before a caravan road trip is decided, thorough planning is needed by the travelers. This allows them to be on schedule and mitigate the risks and safety concerns in the early stage of their travel.  

By talking to a lot of our customers, we have come up with a few insights for a memorable caravanning road trip.  

Let us take a look at them : 

1.Plan the destination 

The first step while planning a caravan road trip is to figure out the destinations you want to cover in your journey. If you are seasoned in road trips, then traveling across multiple destinations will not be much of a hassle. But for those who are going for a road trip for the first time in their lives, it is recommended that they cover a single destination.  

2.Figuring out the route 

Road trips can be long or short. It ultimately depends on the route that the traveler takes to reach their destination.  

When you are considering the route of travel, you must know if the route is safe or not for solo or female travelers.  

Some routes are also closed due to natural disasters or because of any government mandate.  

If such information is not known, then the caravanning trip can be pretty overwhelming for travelers.  

Also, for those who are taking a caravan trip for the first time, it is better to choose a known destination where you do not have to ask many people for directions.  

Carawander understands the importance of taking the correct route without getting lost on the road; therefore, all our vehicles are installed with geo-navigation systems.  

3.Plan your budget according to the itinerary 

A big mistake that many travelers make is that they create a travel budget without considering the minute details of their daily activities.  

One needs to consider the delay that might occur to reach a destination and its consequence on the cost and day-to-day activities.  

When you are renting a camper van for a road trip in India, make a detailed itinerary. This should include the time for stopping at a point to eat or rest.  

In addition, what activities you want to do or places you want to see must be chalked out in the itinerary. This helps you figure out how much time you need to rest and rejuvenate before going on the road again.  

If you are traveling with more people or covering multiple destinations, then sit together with your fellow travelers to create an itinerary and budget that suits the comfort of everybody. 

4.Ensuring amenities  

Road trips can be tedious for the body if you are not used to traveling on roads frequently.  

Hence, road trips via caravan need to be comfortable for the travelers with proper amenities.  

Carawander ensures that road trips can happen with luxurious comfort provided in the journey.  

The vehicles of Carawander have queen-sized beds, western-style toilets, a kitchenette, and a TV so that your road trip is relaxing and entertaining.  

All the comfort you seek at a resort is available to you on the wheels.  

5.Choose the type of camper van 

Choosing the caravan vehicle is very important for those who are traveling with a group of people.  

Caravans come in different sizes, and the occupancy differs from vehicle to vehicle.  

For solo and a small group of travelers, Carawander recommends – The Mini Wanderlust. It is ideal for a group of 4-6 travelers. 

Similarly, a large group of 6-8 travelers can travel by The Rolling Paradise vehicle provided by Carawander.  

All planning boxes checked? Then get ready for an exceptional road trip with Carwander!

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