Camel Safari


Jaisalmer is indeed a jewel of India in the Thar desert. This royal Rajasthani city is charming and mysterious. This furthest tourist spot on the west side of Rajasthan boasts of forts and pristine dunes.


The royal touch and the charismatic beauty distinguish Udaipur from other places. It enthralls tourists with its elegance and serenity. Udaipur is a place where you will surely fall in love.

Clock Tower in Jodhpur


Jodhpur, the second-largest city in Rajasthan holds the title of the “sun state” due to its year-round great weather. With its bright and vivid color and great tradition.


Watching a tiger in the natural habitat is the most captivating thing about Ranthambore. The national park boasts having more than 50 tigers and round 250 types of birds and 40 mammals .


Jawai is a unique combination, a complex mélange of nature, wildlife, and humanity! This small, quiet place hides two distinct surprises- the leopard safari and the Jawai dam.