Ideal Summer Destinations You Need To Visit In 2022 By Renting A Caravan

March 30, 2022

The summer has officially begun. If you are staying in the main cities of Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata, then the heatwave has started. Amidst the cacophony of city life, one also has to deal with the bolstering humidity and sweat. At this moment, all we want to do is get some respite. And what better way than heading for a summerscape by availing a caravan vehicle on rent.  

Going on a road trip in summer to the mountains or cooler places is ideal for beating the heat and enjoying the pleasant summer sun. Many young entrepreneurs and remote working professionals find the summertime to be ideal for workation as they get to find bliss in the moments while working. 

The summer is also a perfect time for a family road trip. Kids have their schools closed; therefore, it is the ideal opportunity to get a caravan vehicle for rent and head on a family summer vacation.  

The mountainous regions of India have the perfect route to avail for a luxury caravan rental and see its summer beauty during the month of April and May.  

Here are the ideal summer destinations you need to visit in 2022 by renting a caravan


The Kumaoni region of Uttarakhand is an ideal place to get a caravan vehicle on rent and head for a summerscape. The cool weather is ideal for travellers wanting to escape the bustling heat and noise in the city.  

However, if you want to discover the offbeat beauty of this region and have an unplugged summer road trip, then visit Bhimtal. The hamlet is surrounded by beautiful lakes and winding roads of deodar trees. You go for a boat ride, and if feeling a bit adventurous, then try paragliding.  

Bhimtal is the ideal place to escape the heat of summers and experience the warmth of Kumaoni culture.  


Although touristy, Manali is the ultimate summer destination to visit by booking a caravan vehicle for rent. The place is ideal for trekkers and travellers to enjoy. You can camp at the riverside and go trout fishing with your family. From Manali, you can head for the Triund Trek or visit Solang Valley.  

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then Manali has popular adventure sports sites where you can go for zorbing, paragliding, and river rafting.  Instead of a long trek, you can go for a short hike to see the beautiful Jogini Falls. 


For a luxury caravan rental experience, Rishikesh is the ideal place to head this summer. Located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Rishikesh offers leisure, adventure, and spiritual harmony amidst nature to travellers visiting the region.  

This place is perfect for a road trip for the elderly, kids, and young adults as it is laden with activities suitable for travellers of all age groups.  

Rishikesh has different camping sites near the river Ganga where you can park your vehicle.  

For young adults and kids, Rishikesh is ideal for river rafting, cliff diving, and bungee jumping. They can also head for a tiger safari at Rajai National Park and see the heritage ruins of The Beatles Ashram. 

Elderly people can go to yoga retreats and meditation centres near the river for a spiritual experience.  


The British Cantonment of Mussoorie is also known as the ‘Queen of Hills.’ It is one of the oldest hill stations in India, after Shimla.  

Mussoorie has quite an old-world charm in its air. The hilly hamlet is also the home of famous children’s author Ruskin Bond, whom you can visit for a book signing every Saturday.  

For the thrill-seeker in you, Mussoorie also has camping sites at Yamunotri, where you can do river rafting.  


If the tourist crowd of Manali is not something you want to experience this summer, then get a caravan vehicle for rent and take the route towards the cold desert of Spiti.  

Spiti is a quite mountainous region where you can go for a caravanning trip and stay off the internet and crowd of people. 

You can trek and camp near the village side or at Chandratal Lake. In the morning, you can visit the monasteries and be immersed in the local culture of Lahaul.  

But, the real beauty of a caravanning trip in Spiti happens at night. You climb the roof of your caravan to see the beautiful night glimmering with the Milky Way. During summertime, the Milky Way Galaxy is even more visible.  

It is an experience which you must-have during the summer this year. 

Carawander, with its luxury caravan rental, will provide you comfort and a memorable experience to see the beauty of Indian summer at these offbeat and popular destinations of the summer.  

By getting our caravan vehicle on rent, get ready to experience the comfort of your home, even in the countryside of the hills this summer. 


The state of West Bengal has some offbeat hill stations that offer the pleasant weather to beat the heat of summer.  

If the touristy population of Darjeeling is not for your taste, then get a caravan vehicle on rent to head to Kurseong.  

Kurseong is just half-hour away from Darjeeling. It is a quieter hamlet on the hills that is surrounded by the tea estates and forests.  

You can stroll around the old cottages and sip some tea 


The southern regions of India has beautiful and less tourist cladded destinations. The hill station of Coonoor located a few hours from Chennai is a scenic offbeat summer destination to head via caravan. It is surrounded my mist and trees. You can see the beautiful views of the Nilgiri Hills and head to the tea-estates for beverage tasting 


The hill stations located in the Sahyadri mountain ranges are seranded with lush greenery. If you are in Mumbai, you can head to Bhandardara and witness the gorgeous waterfalls and green fields. You can also camp out and see the fireflies at night.  

It is an ideal summer destination in Maharashtra known for trekkers and vacationers.

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