Safety tips for women to keep in mind while traveling via caravan 

February 11, 2022

Women are often told that going out for solo or group road trips is absolutely not safe. Because of this notion, many women have to postpone their wanderlust journey or save up to travel via train or flight.  

Yes, safety is a big concern for women to travel; but also there are several routes that women can take to reach their road trip destination in utmost safety.  

With Carawander providing the best caravans in India for rent, women can travel on these safest road trip routes even as solo travellers.  

Besides, going on a road trip on a caravan is safer than going alone on a bus or train with strangers. 

Globally, most women travellers live on the caravan to fulfil their wanderlust. In India, the time is changing for women travellers.  They are become more agile and alert on the road and can take care of their safety. 

So before you head out on the road with the caravan, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind : 

  1. Trust your gut instinct  

Although the caravans provide safety, female travellers need to trust the basic gut instinct when going on road trips. If you feel any sign of danger or feel that the place you are visiting is shady, then immediately leave from there. The surroundings and the people have a vibe of their own, so female travellers must try to understand it for their own safety.  

  1. Not park at a less populated place 

For the convenience of others, many travellers park the caravan at a sparsely populated place, maybe outside the city where there are not many people. However, female travellers should avoid doing this. The caravan should be parked at a place where there is enough people and is also easily accessible to the police station. 

  1. Having mechanical knowledge about vehicles 

Before renting a caravan from Carawander, female travellers should be well-equipped with mechanical knowledge about the vehicle.  This includes knowing how to change tires, adding fuels, understanding the engine, fixing the engine in case of a breakdown. 

Often while carawanning at offbeat places at night, finding a mechanic to fix the vehicle is not easy. Hence, female travellers must be self-sufficient to solve any vehicular problem that can occur in the middle of the journey. 

  1. Keep a safety equipments and take precautions during the night 

It is better that while caravanning, solo women travellers carry safety equipments for protecting themselves from any potential danger.  

Having a paper spray or a powerful stun gun is helpful in case there is any unwarranted situation on the road that can harm the safety of the female traveller.  

Unsafe situations can occur anytime, but one can be prepared to avoid or mitigate them.  

Solo female travellers going on a road trip via caravan should try to reach the destination before sunset, especially if they are visiting an offbeat destination.  

They must lock up the caravan from inside during the night to ensure safety from intruders.  

Also, locking up the caravan at night prevents any chances of robbery or theft. 

Besides locking the doors, shutting down the windows and blinds is also necessary for safety and privacy purposes. 

  1. Know your road trip routes 

Prior to renting a caravan, female travellers must do proper planning. This includes figuring the road trip routes. They should try to find the routes that will take less time and are safer in case they have to drive at night.  

While figuring out the road trip routes for caravanning, the conditions of the road and the weather situation in that region must also be known before female travellers head out on the road. 

Carawander provides the best caravans in India,  with geo navigation installed for female travellers to quickly figure out the destinations. This also prevents any instances of being lost on the road and having to ask for directions from strangers, which might jeopardise the safety of solo female travellers. 

  1. Stock up things 

When female travellers rent caravans from Carawander, they get all the necessary kitchen amenities such as a fridge, microwave, and electric stove. Therefore, they must carry some instant and easy to cook food items to avoid having to venture out to local dhabas or eateries. Once they reach their destination, they can also buy some fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market for cooking.  

Besides stocking up food items, female travellers also need to have a sufficient stock of medicines and sanitary napkins while going on a road trip via caravan. 

With having all the safety precautions in mind, caravanning is a wonderful and exciting experience that female travellers should explore to see the wonders of India on the road.  

Carawander encourages women travellers to rent their caravans and head out for a road trip as it comes with all the needed amenities so that the safety of female travellers do not get compromised.

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