Ladakh Adventures – A Caravan Tour Along India’s Most Adventurous Route:  

August 15, 2022

When it comes to adventure, nothing can beat the rugged trails and magnificent landscapes of Leh Ladakh. It is a paradise for all adventure junkies looking to conquer the Khardung La Pass’s heights or get away from the bustle and hustle of city life.   

The wondrous beauty of the Himalayas and the rugged paths you will encounter will make you want to travel to Leh Ladakh repeatedly. With the best attractions on the itinerary and some thrilling experiences, this was indeed one of the best trips. If you are planning a remarkable trip with your loved ones, here is a glimpse into an incredible journey that will give you every valid reason to visit this land of peace and tranquility. And opting for a caravan will be the best adventurous experience in Leh Ladakh in India. Now caravan culture is emerging very widely and taking a camper van for rent will be the best and new option for encountering breathtaking views closely.   

India now has many caravan rentals, and caravan costs differ in every rental company; our Carawander is known for affordable caravan prices in India with desirable amenities which make your travel experience hassle-free. Let us witness our clients who recently traveled to Leh and Ladakh and had the most adventurous experience.   

Traveling to mountain of Skulls Rohtang pass:  

We were traveling in a campervan in India. After an early breakfast, we drive through a pine forest covered in a deep green cape, sparkling streams, and waterfalls gushing from the adjacent hills. Sounds adventurous? Waiting up, there is more.  

The winding road with beautiful landscapes and an adventurous drive takes us to Rohtang Pass (3978m), also known as the Mountain of Skulls (you will understand why). To explore the region, we will travel to reach Keylong at (3350m) in Lahaul district and a little further to Jispa for overnight camping in the Bhaga riverbed. Do not let your competitive self sleep because we might have a joyful series in store for you.   

An Exciting Trip to Magnetic Hills:   

We visited Magnetic Hill, one of the best adventure experiences to tick off our bucket list. The hill is surrounded by a delightful view of the small hills. Having a campervan for rent, On the way to this natural wonder, we stopped at Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, which is on Leh-Srinagar Road. We then went for a walk to the Zanskar and Indus confluence on the way to the Sham Valley. We got goosebumps watching the footage of the preparations for the Kargil War. Of all this, the place that forever marked a place in our hearts was the “Hall of Fame,” a museum nurtured by the Indian Army and well worth a visit.   

Discovering the Lahoul valley:  

After an excellent green morning before Jispa, we find a glacial waterfall that climbs to the 5th highest passable pass in the world, Baralacha La (4830m). The alpine mountains gradually transform into a rock-solid muscle man. This man also marks our entry into the windswept Sarchu at (4253) m. The mass of diverse people will be the entertaining night owl for sure.   

Today your day will be colored blue “ALL IZ WELL!  

Today we travel east from Leh through the Chang-la mountain pass (5475 m) to the salty Pangong Tso. where everything is fine. Ahaan….   

(Pangong: hollow) is the most beautiful highest lake in Ladakh at about 4300m and is bounded by giant peaks over 6500m high. The lake is 4 km wide and 150km long; it extends straight to Tibet. You are happy and free to explore the region, or even better, you can lounge in your home away from home, enjoying the spectacular views of the color-changing lake, or take short hikes into the hills behind you for better vintage spots to watch the sunset. At the same time, the townspeople return from the pastures with their flock of sheep.   

Travel in the past:  

After a hocus pocus breakfast, we drive to Leh, tracing the journey through the “Paagal Naula” take a chill pill as we travel through the Chang La Pass to explore the history and culture of Leh and Ladakh. Leh city, the most famous monuments around Leh, and its palaces, museums, and monasteries for avid collectors, are your place.   

I Feel above the world! Can I scream?  

One of your milestones will be reached after crossing the highest motorable pass in the world, Khardung La (5602m). The caravan cost of carawander is very affordable; we had the best features inside it. We had the best-equipped kitchen where we prepared our meals and had breakfast; eat your calories because we have a lot to lose. Enjoy the warmth of the soup at the pretty impressive, incredible Khardung La peak, do not forget to take photos along the highest passable road sign. After a short photo session in Khardung la, we drove to Nubra Valley, down the river to Diskit to Hunder Pass, a pretty village nestled among many trees and mixed streams, dunes, snow-capped mountains, and double hump Bactrian camels. When you go for our campervan for rent, they provide quality camping equipment while you can Camp overnight by streams and campfires.   

Floating through the adventure:   

After changing your Hee Haw attire back into your travel attire, we head to Nimoo Point, the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus rivers. Ride a horse if you missed riding Bactrian camels. You will surely memorize them if you go rafting along the route.   

We had the most adventurous trip of our lifetime, taking a campervan for rent; go for it and experience the best flexible travel experience you will never regret in the affordable caravan costs from carawander.   

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