Caravan Tourism: is this the future of the Travel Industry? 

July 30, 2022

 In the western world, renting a caravan for a vacation is ordinary. It is not correctly said how caravan tourism is growing overseas. however, the information is that this caravan subculture has determined its manner in India as well in many states; governments now are pushing for it, with the continuing pandemic. Kerala inaugurated its first caravan park in Vagamon, a hill station, as a part of the government’s new Caravan Tourism policy. Earlier, Maharashtra and Goa had additionally added the idea of caravan tourism. This specific tourism version is prepared to be a main eye-catcher withinside the tourism sector. Carawander provides caravan vehicles for rent with the amenities required for a perfect trip.  

Why there is a growing demand for caravan tourism:   

 Caravan tourism is a brand new and thrilling manner to test with unconventional modes of transportation, which promotes visiting with own circle of relatives to locations wherein it may be tough to discover or motel accommodation. It is a snug mixture of a journey, entertainment, and accommodation. Caravan in India provides the liberty to stay and journey hassle-free. You can determine wherein you need to settle or sleep and whether to awaken to the sound of nature or, subsequent, the beach. The authorities have noted that presently there may be a boom in the call for eco, adventure, the natural world, and pilgrimage tourism. Since far regions have a scarcity of accommodation, caravan tourism holds the capability to fulfil this call.  

 Travellers do not need to limit themselves to motel locations. Thus, growing awareness about flexible caravans in India will only bring in more demand and eventually lead to more supply.  

 Safety and hassle-free:  

  • Due to Covid-19, people want to travel with a small crowd, with their family and friends. Travelling by caravan is the best way as it meets all these needs. The curve of people travelling in a caravan in India has only increased in the last two years due to the health security it offers, especially given the ongoing pandemic.  
  •  For people who want to travel in a bubble, a caravan offers just that. Travellers believe that end-to-end connectivity, flexibility, and convenience are key factors driving caravan tourism. Caravan solves problems for those who want to experience the interior beauty of the place they want to explore and connect with its locals.  

Environment friendly:  

As sustainability becomes more important to Travellers over time, caravan tourism is even helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Conventional tourism affects the environment in several ways. However, when travelling in a caravan, space and resources are limited. This restriction alone makes caravan tourism more environmentally friendly. Caravan tourism is very sustainable as even the locals benefit from offering hospitality to the caravan guests by providing them with food and enrichment with local culture and activities.  

Pet friendly:  

In India travelling with pets are not all a comfortable option as many public modes of transport are not pet friendly, and while travelling, you must keep your pets at a friend’s house or dog care .and you cannot leave them for more than a week as they get terrified, and they stop eating food. Let us stop stressing over keeping our pets in kennels and going them; we have Caravan journeys which are pawesome. You can tag alongside your fur friend without disturbing the hassles of dealing with them on public transport.  

Other advantages of travelling in the caravan:  

  • The benefits of touring through a caravan are many as one can prepare their food, as our caravan offers you equipped kitchen cabinets with pantry cabinets, a microwave, and a refrigerator.  
  • Whilst touring, carry as many bags as you want, and be in complete isolation.  
  • In case you are trying to discover domestic locations this excursion season whilst preserving yourself secure amid virus scare.  
  • Caravan Tourism has immense scope of growth for the state. Besides offering a refreshing experience for the tourists, local communities tend to gain by enabling them to highlight their culture and local products before the visitors.  
  • The initiative also opens the possibility of turning accessible unfamiliar places in the state into fascinating destinations. It is developed to make tourism a sustainable activity that would benefit local communities and scale up opportunities for the industry.  
  •  It could be an enormous hit with honeymooners due to the privacy and safety presented through caravans.  

Workcation friendly:  

Many software and corporate employees get exhausted and pissed off due to stress, daily routine and work pressure. They often look up for escape from reality, and for such employees’ caravans come as a blessing where they can balance both working and vacation in beautiful places escaping from reality and enjoying the laps of nature.  

         Caravan in India gives you the experience of nomad life. India is a land of diverse cultures and different people; while you rent a caravan, explore unfamiliar places, and meet new people, you learn and grow, enlightens your mind and soul. Considering all the benefits and experiences that caravan is giving us, we should encourage caravan tourism in India. Contact us for new adventures and unforgettable memories with safety and privacy.  

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