A trip to Spiti valley – is the mother of all mountain escapes in India   

August 30, 2022

Do you dream of snow-capped mountains with picture-perfect villages? Fancy staying amidst mountainous terrain framed by wild rivers raging on the rocks? Then you should rent a caravan and plan a vacation in Spiti. A trip to the Spiti Valley is the fascinating holiday you need to revitalize and rediscover yourself. 202 km northeast of Manali, the sparsely populated country of Spiti, separates mainland India from the autonomous region of Tibet.   

Embracing nature at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level, the Lahaul-Spiti itinerary perfectly nourishes your soul! For tourists, it offers everything serene: from lush green lands rising above the expanse to prehistoric monasteries that look like paintings on canvas. Travel in luxury caravans from carawander, explore picture-postcard villages, cross narrow mountain passes and feel the chilly wind penetrate your skin.   

About Spiti Valley    

Unique geographic features make Spiti more attractive to explorers of different ages and belonging to different walks of life. But there are petty things to consider before finalizing your Lahaul Spiti vacation plan.   

  • The valley has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Snow leopards and Himalayan wolves are also seen in winter in Pin Valley National Park.   
  • Hiking and camping are necessary when in the valley.   
  • Brace yourself for independent, adventurous living by renting a caravan when you are in the valley.   
  • Network connectivity is unclear, and Spitians are incredibly happy with it. In some places, you might get lucky with BSNL signals.   
  • The average altitude of the entire valley is 4,270m, and the weather is very unpredictable.   
  •  The place reflects Tibet in terms of culture and lifestyle.   

Is Spiti the right destination for you?   

Taking a journey through the Spiti Valley in luxury caravans to this place is every traveller’s muse, and it is, but is it the right destination for you? Let us find out about its rugged terrain. Spiti is not for the faint of heart. It is exposed to extreme weather conditions, and it is necessary to walk risky routes to reach the valley. And in off-road locations like this, “Mini-wanderlust” is a treat with all required amenities on the go, with well-equipped beds for comfortable sleeping.  

 Among the few people who brave these odds to reach Spiti, some seek solace, others do so in the name of adventure, and some are eager to explore the hidden riches of the Trans-Himalayan region. Village life by dedicated to meditation, and for all souls who want it, we offer a perfect campervan for a vacation without problems.   

We mostly see young adventure seekers and mountain lovers taking a trip to Spiti or some weary souls desperate to escape it. It is the best destination for you! Start a new chapter of life in an ideal setting by renting a caravan and traveling through colossal skies, vast mountains, and shining stars to make the moments more romantic and perfect.   

But Spiti is also a great destination if you are a wanderer and like to explore new places. 

  1. Kaza – Ki – Kibber   

A perfect weekend getaway from Shimla, Manali, Chopta, and Kanatal, Kaza is adorned with rocky mountainsides and a bustling market. Kaza has many attractions.   

Altitude: 3800 meters   

What you have gotten in it: Yak safari, camping, trekking, fuel your caravan at the world’s highest gas pump, enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful village, Cafe Sol, Kibber-Chicham cable car, Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.   

What is on for spiritual seekers: Ki monasteries, Komic village – one of the highest villages in Asia and the only village with a polling station in the village    

2. Tabo – Dhankhar   

Tabo is located on the banks of the Spiti River. Tabo is a dream village; you can park your caravan wherever you want and enjoy humble streets and hospitable locals. Tabo has ancient sights and things of religious importance that will surely make your trip to Spiti even more special.   

Altitude: 3280 meters    

What is for the young ones: Prehistoric Tabo Caves with many photo opportunities inside the monastery complex, Dhankhar Monastery, Mummy in Giu village (7km turnoff from the main road, the village falls 1km before Sumdo village)   

What is for spiritual seekers: prayer sessions at Tabo Monastery, a library with books on Buddhism, a museum with artefacts and photos, prayers at Tabo Gompa, a water-powered prayer wheel in Dhankhar, Tabo meditation caves   

What is there for honeymooners -The scenic view of the Tabo Caves and the Local life of the Tabo Indians and surrounding areas offer much to explore.   

Dhankhar Lake, rock paintings, murals and clay statues, the confluence of the Spiti and Pin rivers from Dhankhar Gompa. A stay in Tabo in a luxury caravan is the best opportunity to get in touch with the locals. Their hospitality is an experience you do not want to miss.   

Note: A stay at the Tabo Monastery is highly recommended for everyone traveling to Spiti to experience a lifetime. And it becomes easy and smooth when you rent a caravan.   

 3. Mud Village – Pin Valley National Park   

On the way back from Tabo to Kaza, the roads branch off in two directions at the Atargo Bridge. Turn left to take the road leading to Pin Valley National Park. If you go straight ahead, you will get to Kaza. A more 1-hour drive takes you to Pin Valley, a famous wildlife sanctuary in North India.   

Pin Valley National Park offers adventurous adventure and lush greenery. It is also home to a rare snow leopard breed. National Park, opportunity to get amazing shots of vibrant flora and fauna, Pin – Parvati hike, mountain goats, and snow leopards (primarily seen in winter)   

What is for spiritual seekers: Best of Himalayan Wildlife, Sangam Monastery, Khungri Monastery, Mudh Village Stay   

What is for honeymooners: Nature, wildlife, postcard valley views, brown mountains, hanging glaciers, and fluffy white snowfields    

4.Demul – Komic – Hikkim – Langza    

These villages are in the fossil zone in Spiti, and you can best take advantage of the most beautiful belt for sightseeing by renting a caravan. The unique experiences you can experience here.   

Altitude: 4,580 meters   

What is for young people: Komic village: the second highest village in Asia, fossils near Langza village, the world’s highest post office in Hikkim, Demul: the village with only one telephone, dream places around the monastery Komic to photograph Bugs What’s for spiritual seekers: Komic Monastery, Village tour, the giant golden Buddha statue in Langza with snow-capped mountains is an almost perfect sight    

What’s for honeymooners: Take a romantic walk with your partner in the picturesque surroundings of the village. Funny, write a letter to family/friends and mail it from the highest post office in the world.   

5.Langza – Lake Chandratal   

Langza to Chandratal is a 5.5-hour drive, and it is recommended to start early in the morning, around 7 am. The motorable road ends one kilometer before the lake and must cover the rest of the way on foot. A crescent-shaped lake is one of the most impressive sanctuaries. It is one of the highlights of the Spiti Valley trip. The lake also remained in the news after people confirmed sightings of UFO-like objects in the area.   

Altitude: 4250 meters    

What for the young: Camping: 2 km from the lake as our luxury caravans offer the best Kitchen and BBQ setup. You can enjoy a night under a star-studded sky near the lake, with a scenic view of the frozen lake (before the start of summer) with majestic mountains in the background, an ideal photoset.   

What’s for spiritual seekers: an ultimate place for solace seekers, Chandratal Lake is a peaceful retreat for soul seekers. Come here to soak up the charm of Chandratal’s natural beauty.   

What’s in it for honeymooners: Excitement and romance define the moments you spend at Lake Chandratal, one of India’s highest lakes. Here you can hike and camp by the lake. Even at over 4000 meters above sea level, nothing beats the crazy view of the twinkling stars in Spiti.  

 6. Activities in Rangrik   

Rafting on the Spiti River is one of the most adventurous activities on your Lahaul Spiti. Upon your return to Kaza, you can spend the day at leisure, or the youngsters can enjoy some adventure activities on the Spiti River. Tour itinerary.   

Altitude: 3,800 meters    

Rafting in Spiti is one of the most exciting things. What does the offspring get out of it? Make your trip to the Spiti Valley even improved by reserving a rafting session on the Spiti River.   

We keep our promise by bringing you to the front door of the most beautiful of nature. In addition, at Carawander, we believe in destiny, our destiny to serve you and your future to surrender yourself in the experience we offer and capture amazing photos on the “journey of your soul.” We do not sell tours, and we share experiences… by renting a caravan, Spiti Expeditions become more mesmerizing to your soul.   

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