Is the caravan a better way to travel for the elderly?

December 25, 2021

 Many people have this misconception that travelling is only something young people can do. To be honest, it is a big myth as elderly people enjoy travelling as much as the youth; however, they need comfortable transport to enjoy the journey. This is where travelling by caravan can become a better way to explore places for elderly people.

Let us understand how:

1)No more inconvenience

While booking family trips with elderly people, the young members of the family have to think of travelling in trains with less comfort as the space to sleep and sit is also minimum. Secondly, trains are also congested, and they can often feel claustrophobic.

Most elderly people are not comfortable travelling via flight if they have breathing issues and cardiac problems.

 When travelling via caravan, family trips become comfortable as they have all the luxurious amenities.

Carawander’s caravans have queen-sized beds, a sofa, and proper ventilation so that comfort of the elderly is not compromised.

Also, travelling via caravan is safer than trains and flights as it maintains social distance norms.

2) Hygiene care

Public washrooms in flights, hotels, and trains can still be unhygienic even after disinfecting as multiple people use them from time to time. Also, due to joint pains, they cannot use Indian-style washrooms or assistance to use the same.

 However, suppose elderly people travel by caravan. In that case, they do not have to work about contracting an infection during their travel as the washroom is solely used by them and the members of the family during the trip. Carawander ensures that all caravans have hygienic and clean washrooms in Western-style for elderly people.

     3) Mobility friendly

Many hotels and guest houses have stairs and no lifts. This becomes difficult for elderly people with mobility issues. While booking online, there is no guarantee that the features shown in the hotel might function in reality. But in a caravan, there are no such issues as they do not have to climb flights of stairs.

      4) Enjoying without fatigue

Elderly people do get tired if they have to rush. This prevents them from enjoying the trip at their own pace.

When elderly people want to go camping or bird-watching, they always have to take the hassle of finding a vehicle that would take them and drop them from the camping destination. This leads them to miss out on leisure time in nature. Also, travelling via different vehicles can lead them to fatigue. However, going for a camping trip via caravan allows them to enjoy the beauty of nature and also retain their energy. If they feel uncomfortable or tired, they rest in the caravan with a comfortable bed.

     5)  No outside meals

Elderly people do not prefer outside meals for hygienic and health concerns. Also, they have to avoid eating from the outside because of digestive issues. But, while travelling in a caravan, they do not have to miss out on healthy food. They can cook healthy meals and store them in the fridge. Caravans also have microwaves to heat up the food. This way, they can save money on food and relish healthy eating during their road trips.

6) Perfect to celebrate retirement

Many people want to spend some money from their pension or retirement fund on travel as it is time they can finally enjoy life without working. You can take a short retirement trip with your colleagues and spouses on a caravan. Travelling via a caravan is a safer and better way for elderly people to enjoy the spirit of travel.

Carawander has luxurious and comfortable amenities such as queen-sized beds, tv, microwave, fridge, and kitchen to make travelling easy for elderly people.

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