Caravans in Yusmarg

Yusmarg is a beautiful hill station located in the western part of the Kashmir valley. The place is blessed with green pastures, crystal clear water bodies, beautiful landscapes, young pine nurseries, etc. Yusmarg is bestowed with an attractive amalgamation of flora and fauna, and people can enjoy this scenic beauty by staying at the homestays and surroundings that reflect Kashmir’s architectural wonders. Yusmarg is popularly known as the “Meadow of Jesus” as people in the place believe that Jesus stayed there for a specific period.  

Yusmarg is also known as “Hiker’s Paradise” and thus is a great place for adventurers. The very first glance of Yusmarg takes you to the world of nature that is straight out of a dream world. With ponies and the creamy capped mountains reflections in the crystal-clear waters, you would surely love Yusmarg with every beat of your heart. The driveway from Srinagar to Yusmarg just increases your curiosity about the place after a journey of 50 kms.    

Neel Naag Lake and the beautiful huts in the lap of villages embrace you with warmth and wonder. Spending your picnic time or wonderful music and book time at the lakeside in your caravan can make you forget this world.

Tourist attractions of Yusmarg

Pakherpora Shrine   

Pakherpora is the famous Muslim shrine of Kashmir that is surrounded by unique and picturesque trees that cannot be found anywhere else in Kashmir. This is a famous pilgrimage spot for Muslims and is a heritage site that was built many centuries ago  


Dahood Ganga is a gorgeous milky white river that you find in Yusmarg and serves as the best place for a halt with your caravan. With the flushing and vigorously flowing waters, DhoodGanga is one of the best places to visit in Yusmarg. Trou fishing and camping are the best things to do here  

Sang-e- Safad   

Sang e Safad, which translates, is located 10 kms away from the Yusmarg valley. Sang e Safad is an oval-shaped meadow that is bisected center by the Dhood Ganga at the center. This is the most visited picnic spot, surrounded by greenery all around, along with the dense pine forest.   

Best things to do in Yusmarg

Pony rides  

Yusmarg is full of pony rides, and you can accommodate the luxury of having fun on a pony ride amidst the lush green surroundings witnessing the snow-capped mountain ranges and their magnificence. Going on a pony ride amidst the flowery green surroundings appears surreal to you.  


For all the trekking lovers, you can proceed with a 5km trek to Neel Naag Lake from Yusmarg. Nil Nag is the most pristine lake surrounded by dense forests and the Himalayas. Nil Nag gets its name from the crystal-clear waters that it embodies. Situated beside the Gogji village, Nil Nag sweeps you off your feet with its picturesque views. You can even try boating on this lake. If you are an enthusiastic trekker, you can even trek another 10 km from Nil Nag to explore the untouched places.  

Trout fishing  

You can go trout fishing and camp at the beautiful river of Dhood Ganga that invites you with its eternal charm.