On the road to Jaipur and Riveting Ranthambore

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A mesmerizing and adventurous trip

From mesmerizing historical sites, magnificent monuments, spacious parks, chaotic streets, and spicy eateries on every corner, the spine-chilling folktales of Bhangarh fort to adventurous crocodile safari, this trip is meant to be experienced with an adventurous spirit. Discover the wonders of the wilderness while taking advantage of the best that a road trip has to offer. Unravel the beauty of Ranthambore and Jaipur from the comfort of your couch with Carawander. It’s all about the journey with us! There is more to this journey than meet the eye.


Our recommended Trails or custom trails may be subject to change at any time (even after confirmation) due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Carawander. This includes Travel, Type of Caravan, Accommodation and Activities. Every effort will be made to operate Trails as planned.
Carawander reserves the right to make alterations to and/or withdraw a Trail or any part of it as is deemed necessary. In case of any variation in pricing due to these circumstances, Carawander reserves the right to adjust the itinerary of the Trail costs as necessary. Prices for all trails are for up to 6 guests only unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Carawander reserves the right to make changes to the set itinerary based on flight timings. Activities may get adjusted based on flight timings. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss with us before booking any flights.


Day 1 – Start of an Event Full Journey

Your journey begins the moment you step off the plane in Jaipur. It’s the start of an incredible adventure that begins the moment you step aboard your long-awaited Caravan. Discover authentic villages straight out of a fairy tale, complete with jawdropping landscapes from the comfort of your couch. Explore the best of what the caravan has to offer while we take you to the Ranthambore. Freshen up on board and spend time with your loved ones exploring the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Since the driver’s cabin is isolated, your group will have complete privacy throughout the journey.
You will be arriving at the camping site by that evening. Tea and snacks will be served to keep the hunger at bay. Relax in your hotel on wheels and get a good night’s sleep. This experience is made genuinely riveting by a luxury journey on wheels and a thrilling getaway.


Day 2 – Riveting and Thrilling Communion

Wake up on your second day to a more exciting and eventful morning and leave for bird watching near Surwal Lake. On this day, we’ll explore something you have been waiting for the most. But before we begin our exciting trail, experience the best our Caravan has to offer because it’s a hotel on wheels packed with the amenities to provide you with the most riveting experience with no compromise with comfort. Treat yourself to a fine breakfast, and get ready for the adventure. Following this, you’ll go for a swim and then leave for the famous Ranthambore tiger safari.
Our itineraries combine Arts, Crafts, Culture, History, Nature, and Adventure in a way that is best enjoyed slowly. After a day full of adventure and exotic sightseeing, it is time for you to return to your humble abode. Relax in your bubble of comfort and wrap the exciting day with traditional music, a bonfire and the delicious Rajasthani cuisine.


Day 3 – Back to the Grind

Wake up for an adventurous tiger safari early in the morning with a cup of hot tea or coffee. After the safari, return to the campsite for breakfast before departing for Jaipur. We keep the excitement going on the road, and you can enjoy it even on the way back. You’ll have plenty of time to relive the fun-filled adventure with your loved ones while we ride you back to the Jaipur airport. Take in the scenery outside, and relax by cuddling in the warm bed. At Carawander, we make every effort to ensure that your every need is met. Book with us today and experience this thrill for real because, at Carawander, thrill meets comfort.


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