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Kicking off in the lap of luxury and comfort, experience the thrill with poise. Carawander is here to give you the best enroute experience. Unravel the beauty of Jodhpur and Udaipur from the comfort of your couch. As we gain momentum on the road, the reel of the breathtaking landscape begins to run through the caravan’s window. Get ready to experience the best this road trip has to offer right from your boarding to your final drop. With us, it’s the journey that matters!

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.

From the mesmerizing beauty of Mehrangarh fort to the unspoken tales of Umaid Bhawan Palace and a mesmerizing trip of the City of Lakes, wrap you in a jaw-dropping historical wonder. But you won’t be just taking a walk into history for thrill is something we commit to. Experience the best of adventures these cities have to offer. Whether you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, a family on vacation or a couple on honeymoon, Jodhpur and Udaipur are attractions befitting to everyone’s liking. Discover the beauty of these cities while experiencing the best a road trip can offer.


Day 1 – Discovering Jodhpur

Our trip starts from the moment you land at Jodhpur airport. It is the beginning of an overwhelming experience. The thrill begins the moment you board your much-awaited caravan. While we take you down the road towards a thrilling start of your journey, explore the best of what the Caravan has to offer. Get freshen up on board, and explore the kitchen, living room and bedroom with your loved ones. The driver’s cabin is isolated, giving your group complete privacy throughout the trip.

You will be first taken to Bishnoi Village safari of Rajasthan. The Rajas and Maharajas of Jodhpur started the safari to give the tourists a glimpse of the art and culture of Rajasthan. Packed with scenic beauty and wildlife, this safari throws light on the tribal life of Rajasthan and brings you in communion with the skilled weavers of the state. Experience the best this community can offer and taste the authentic meals of Rajasthan over lunch. Post safari, you will be taken to the camping site, where you can enjoy lip- smacking snacks by the river. Relax in your bubble of comfort while we make preparations for an eventful evening for you. Wrap the exciting day with traditional music and dance, barbeque and the delicious Rajasthani cuisine. Unwind in your palace of dreams amidst the starry night, comfortably in your caravan.


Day 2 – Experience the best of history and adventure

Wake up on your second day to a more exciting and eventful morning. Enjoy the delicious breakfast prepared by our amazing chefs and start your journey with the city tour of Jodhpur. Before we begin on our exciting trail, experience the best our caravan has to offer because it’s a hotel on wheels packed with the amenities to provide you with the most riveting experience with no compromise with comfort. Explore the real beauty of Jodhpur through the lenses of Jaswant Thada, Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, and Clock Tower. Explore the epitome of beauty and memorabilia through Jaswant Thada, a cenotaph, located in Jodhpur. Built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899 in the memory of his father Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, this cenotaph serves as a cremation ground for the royal family of Marwar. Created by thin marble sheets, this human-made wonder emits a warm glow when illuminated by the Sun.

Nestled atop a hill, the Mehrangarh Fort is a majestic citadel of colossal projections. It is mounted at the height of 410 ft from the city and is a crown jewel of Jodhpur. The fort has several gates including Jayapol (the victory gate). The museum of Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. You can take a walk into history and purchase souvenirs for your loved ones from the museum shop, containing products based on Jodhpur’s rich culture and history. You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the blue city from the fort. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the world’s largest private residences and among the most exclusive wedding destinations in India. A part of the palace is managed by the Taj Hotels. The palace offers a blend of western technology and Indian architectural features. The palace is located on Chittar Hill and is built with dun-coloured (golden-yellow) sandstone with two wings. Finished with Makrana marble and the Burmese teak wood, it is a breathtaking made- made marvel.

The famous clock tower a.k.a. Ghar Ghanta, is a beautiful piece of architecture. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh from whom the market takes its name. It is the centre of attraction of the famous Sardar market of Jodhpur. It has been intricately designed and is a beautiful time-piece from history. You can see applaud the beauty of this clock tower while shopping in the market, famous for spices, Indian sweets, textiles, silver and handicrafts. After a day of sight-seeing and shopping, it’s time to tear the wind with the adventurous paragliding. We turn the caravan wheels towards SkyVentures, an aerial adventure park in Jodhpur, where you will experience the thrill of gliding in the air in an open parachute and enjoying the bird’s eye view of The Blue City of Rajasthan. Get ready to soar on cloud nine with this breathtaking experience of a lifetime. After a day full of exotic sight-seeing and thrilling adventure, it is time for you to return to your humble abode. Relax in your comfy caravan and enjoy the gourmet delicacies made by our chefs and later on, you can wrap the day with a good-night sleep.


Day 3 – Journeying to Udaipur

Wake up to another fresh start of your trip as we will be turning the caravan wheels towards Udaipur. The journey from Jodhpur to Udaipur is 250 kilometres, and the thrill begins when the caravan kicks in towards the new destination. As soon as you reach our camping site in Udaipur, it is almost brunch time. Savour on the freshly cooked meal and gear up for another eventful city tour. During your visit to the beautiful City of Lakes, you will be taking a Sajjangarh Palace tour, City Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Fateh Sagar Lake. Famously known as the Monsoon Palace, Sajjangarh Palace is a palatial hilltop residency of Udaipur. The beautiful palace overlooks the magnificent Fateh Sagar Lake. It gets its name from the Maharaja Sajjan Singh of Mewar, who built it in 1884. While exploring the palace, you can dawn on the panoramic view of the city’s lakes, palaces and surrounding countryside. Drown in the beautiful sunset view of the city from the palace. The palace is built with white marble and is located on Bandera Peak of Aravalli hills. Get mesmerized by the grand central hall with staircase and many rooms and quarters. Exquisite motifs of leaves and flowers drape the marble pillars giving the palace the much-needed character.

The City Palace is a palace complex situated in Udaipur and is a flamboyant piece of architecture which is also the largest of its type in Rajasthan. You can witness a fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture in the design element of this palace. The palace also offers a stunning panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. The City Palace is an agglomeration of structures including 11 separate palaces. This unique agglomeration is distinctly homogeneous. The palace is entirely built out of granite and marble emitting a rich aura of dexterous craftsmanship. Saheliyon-Ki-Bari, famously known as the Courtyard or Garden of Maidens, is a major garden located in Udaipur’s hearts. The garden houses, fountains and kiosks, a lotus pool and marble elephants. It was built by Rana Sangram Singh in 1734, who built this for the royal ladies. It represents the green retreat in the dry land of Rajasthan. Unwind with your loved ones in this beautiful, jaw-dropping human-made heaven.

Fateh Sagar Lake is located on the north-west side of Udaipur and is the most beautiful lake among the four lakes of this city. Within the confines of this lake, there are three small islands. Runoffs emerging from the surrounding hills drain into this lake, painting a beautiful picture of its enigmatic beauty. The lake is pear-shaped and is encircled by the Aravalli hills on three sides and a gravity stone masonry dam on the fourth side. Enjoy the scenic beauty of this beautiful lake and enjoy the soothing boat-ride in the same.

After the incredible sightseeing, it’s time to head towards Badi lake for some adventure. Badi Lake is an artificial fresh-water lake in Udaipur. It was built by Maharana Raj Singh I, to counteract the devastating effects of famine in those times. Put on your gear and hit on the countryside biking. Paddle through the by-lanes and create some unforgettable memories of the best cycling tour ever. Cover the stretch from Rampura circle to Badi Lake and experience the thrill in the city of lakes. You can also experience the same refreshing feeling of this detour via car. Post detour, catch on some incredible sightseeing over tea and snacks offered to you by our staff. Unwind in the lap of nature with traditional music and dance night followed by bonfire and barbeque. Feast on the freshly made Rajasthani dinner and enjoy the dance performances by the artists.


Day 4 – Return

Wake up to the final day of the trip packed with loads of memories and nostalgia to take back home. Mellow down over scrumptious breakfast prepared by our chefs and hop in for the last itinerary of the trip before leaving for the airport. You will be taken to the market where you can shop and relish the culture of Udaipur. There are loads of places to visit in the market. You can purchase a range of products in these bazaars. From khadi products to Bandhani and Batik print sarees and souvenirs, you can get it all here. Post bazaar we return back to our caravan towards the final destination.

We keep the thrill on the road, and the same can be experienced even during your return journey. While we ride you back to the Udaipur airport, you have loads of time to relive the fun-filled adventure with your loved ones. Run through the collage of memories clicked during the trip from the comfort of our couch. At Carawander, we make sure that we take care of your every small comfort. The trip ends at dropping you at the Udaipur airport, but the memories and experience are gifts we offer you for a lifetime. Book with us today to experience this thrill for real because, at Carawander, thrill meets comfort.


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